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my mom, a pretty awesome lady

September 7th, 2011

I want to tell you about my mom. She was a pretty awesome lady. She loved to cook and make things and she had a sweet tooth like no other. But beyond being a lover of all things tasty, she was an amazing mother who she spent her life helping others. Ten years ago today, she lost her battle to cancer. As you may imagine, it was the most devastating and heartbreaking thing that has ever happened to me.

It wasn’t until I started embracing food and cooking that I found some sort of solace—a sense of belonging. When I’m in the kitchen—creating a complete disaster that will somehow come together into something tasty—I think of her. Even when I’m out at a restaurant, trying something new, I think of how astonished she’d be at the child who’s primary diet for 18 years was macaroni and cheese. She accepted my messiness (I’m not saying she was pleased with it) and always encouraged me to be creative. I am incredibly grateful to have spent twenty years with my mom, but it’s been in these last ten years that I’ve seen her passion and quirkiness live on in my life and that makes me proud.

So on this day, I will hold my head high in honor of my mother, Patricia Schofield; a woman who inspires me each and every day to follow my passions and keep making things.

The awesome photo of my mom and me was published in our local paper along with a story about my mom’s love of cooking, circa 1990

totally awesome tool: mini strainer

June 8th, 2011

Sometimes I get a new kitchen tool or gadget that is life changing… this super simple mini strainer is one of those tools.

I’m always experimenting with syrups, infusions and cocktails, which means I strain stuff a lot. This mini strainer is the perfect size to fit over a wide-mouth ball jar or a glass plus its funnel shaped at the bottom, so even if the jar I’m straining into isn’t the same size as the strainer, I’m assured that all the liquid will pour into the glass. Let me tell you, one less dish to clean—since I can strain directly into the jar I’ll be storing my creation in—and one less mess—I don’t even want to get into the disasters that I can create—is a bonus in my book. Plus, for less than $10, it’s just plain silly not to have one.

the kitchen: no-sew polka dot curtains

July 21st, 2010

Whew! I’m back and relaxed from a vacation in my homestate of Michigan. My week was full of family and friends as well as all sorts of delicious food and markets, which I hope to be sharing with you shortly.

One of the funny things I’ve come to relish about being a city lady is the chance to drive a car. We haven’t had one since we moved to Brooklyn six years ago, so when I get the chance to drive I go a little nutty. In fact, I took an extra day of vacation to just bum around town in the car for a bit and found myself in Red Hook, home of Fairway Supermarket, Baked and Ikea.

As I wandered the maze of Ikea, I kept seeing this awesome polka dot fabric hanging throughout the store. Then when I actually got to the fabric counter I saw that the black and white fabric was on sale for only $1.99/yard! Holy moly! I immediately thought kitchen curtains and snapped up a yard of it. I also picked up some iron-on fusing tape because my poor sewing machine broke down and a little tension rod with little clips to hold the fabric. When I got home I just did some quick measuring, cut and ironed the fabric and taadaa! I have awesome polka dot curtains (for less than $10!)! They make me so happy when I walk into the kitchen and equally important, they block the harsh sun so I can whip up tasty goodies without sweating like crazy.

I’ll be back to regular posting this week with a super tasty cocktail hour that’s perfect for these dang hot days. Oh also, how cute is Maude on the polka dot fabric? She just couldn’t stay off it while I was making them and I had to take a picture.

a little peek into my kitchen

April 26th, 2010

This weekend was big for our little apartment… After months of living without an overhead light in the dining room, we finally found the perfect one (a vintage industrial light) at a flea market and installed it on Saturday. It’s funny how little things like a light shade or a coat of paint make such a big difference, at least in my book. Now that that’s settled, I feel a big sense of relief. I’ve been meaning to share photos of my new kitchen because it makes me happy… I hope you like it too!

You may remember my big paint revelation I had earlier this year. Initially I painted the kitchen light blue, thinking it would be lovely and calming, but after 3 coats of paint and a few weeks of living with it, I just couldn’t handle it. The blue made me feel like I was in a baby’s room and did anything but calm me, so I had the bright idea to use some dark gray paint I had left over from another room. I was a bit hesitant because dark gray theoretically seemed a bit abrasive for the kitchen, but after the first test patch I was sold. The color helps camouflage the terrible faux granite counters and gives the room depth and modernity. Now I actually do feel calm.

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