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August 27th, 2014

Well hello there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? It’s hard to put into words why I haven’t been here. Part of me wants to say that it’s because life is so busy—and it is, as anyone with a toddler can tell you—or that I haven’t been cooking—but I have been, in fact more than I have in years—but for some reason, this space just seemed too far away, too much work when all I need is a little “me time”. To be honest, I’ve been trying to sort out what the heck I want to do with my “me time” along with the other 10 hours a week I’ve finally been able to set aside for my projects.

Life has finally begun to feel normal again, like I can start to think about bigger picture things. After we got home from Claire’s hospital stay, my life revolved around her and the thought of cooking (and photographing and writing) was low on my list of things to do. I kept waiting, I kept thinking about my blog, my magazine, my work, but it just felt so distant and unimportant when compared to caring for Claire and watching her grow and learn (being a parent is really one of the most amazing things ever). Gradually, things have normalized—Claire’s doctors have all said that she’s right where she should be physically and developmentally (she really is an amazing little lady), I’ve managed to publish a few issues of Remedy Quarterly that I’m really proud of, and I’m getting used to life on the West Coast. Looking back, so much of the first year and a half that we’ve lived here has been all about living in the moment, about making sure that everyone/everything is ok, and I simply couldn’t handle thinking about where I might want to go, what I might want to do.

If it sounds like life has been bleak, it hasn’t, I promise. I’ve been so full of joy and love and laughter taking care of my daughter—words will never adequately be able to express the awesomeness that she brings to my life. There have been so many times while I’ve been cooking lately that I’ve thought, “Oooooh, this would be good for the blog” or in the case of this recipe, which I’ve made approximately a gazillion times, “Why haven’t I put this recipe on the blog?!”. So the last time I made these pancakes, I left the excuses and worries behind and just had fun. I made pancakes for my family, including cute mini-pancakes for Claire, and took photographs along the way. It didn’t seem like work at all. And oh me, oh my, friends, these pancakes are just perfect. So let’s talk about them a little bit.

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blood orange + pomegranate pancakes with blood orange + honey syrup

February 15th, 2013

I’ve come to realize that pancakes are one of my favorite foods. They’re super easy, super flexible, and always comforting. Honestly, they’re one of my favorite ways to start the day—but only if I make them at home. Which brings me to this crazy realization—I’m now a Californian. My home is no longer that cozy apartment in Brooklyn—or even simply Brooklyn—the place I lived for over eight years and basically became an adult. I think some people think that we’re a little crazy moving across the country with a baby due in less than two months, but for some reason, this move seemed like the right thing to do. Life is already going to dramatically change, so why not embrace more change? It seems like an awesome adventure—although, yes, sometimes a little crazy—to us. Oh, and did I mention that our new apartment has a totally dreamy kitchen? That didn’t hurt. So, while I’ve been a wee-bit absent here, I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to reassemble and adjust to our new life in sunny california.

After the initial week of simply getting logistical things done (with a little fun sprinkled in of course), we finally went to the market. I was immediately drawn to the things I’ve never been able to by fresh at the market—fresh citrus and pomegranates. Since blood oranges are on the top of my favorites list, I loaded my bag with those and since I’d never had a fresh pomegranate, I figured there’s no better time to try one out. The next morning I woke up with a vision—blood orange and pomegranate pancakes—and since we hadn’t picked up maple syrup yet, I’d make a blood orange and honey syrup. I love waking up with a good idea, then being able to execute it—especially when it’s this tasty.

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pear + ginger muffins with oatmeal topping

December 14th, 2012

Oh how I love a good muffin. Perfectly moist, with a bit of fruit and a bit of sweet, buttery goodness sprinkled on top—all waiting to greet you in the morning—that’s my idea of a good muffin. A few weeks ago, we went to a restaurant that sent us home with a pear ginger muffin to enjoy the next morning (which is a genius move if you ask me). The muffin was a perfect fall breakfast—it hit all my previously stated requirements of a muffin while also being seasonal and comfy. It took me a while to actually get in the kitchen to create my own version, but when I finally got around to it, they were totally worth the wait. These pear + ginger muffins with oatmeal topping will make any morning better.

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Cinnamon buns (a bun in the oven)

October 19th, 2012

As the title hints at, I have big news to share… Aaron and I are having a baby! Woohoo! It’s still kind of hard to believe, but after four months of no booze, delicious cheeses, and oysters… well it’s really setting in. All jokes aside (kind of), we are beyond thrilled. My first few months left me without an appetite, feeling nauseous and exhausted, but I’ve broken through that fog and am so jazzed to be able to look at and make food again! Especially sweets. In honor of our most amazing little one, I flipped through my treasured recipe book to find a favorite recipe —one that takes time and patience but is totally worth the wait. Yup, that seems totally appropriate for this news. Hellooo, cinnamon buns!

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plum + cinnamon scones

September 14th, 2012

My love of scones is no secret. I mean, what’s not to love about buttery biscuits made especially for breakfast? The thing is, not all scones measure up to my standards—I might even say I’m a scone snob. Don’t try to give me one of those crumbly, dry scones. No way José. A scone should be buttery with a hint of sweetness; the texture should be slightly crisp on the outside while moist on the inside. Luckily I found a recipe a few years ago that makes a perfect scone each time. Since then I’ve gone on to create all sorts of variations—all of which are beyond tasty—but I think I might have found my favorite early fall (ok, late summer) variation, the plum and cinnamon scone.

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peach + ricotta pancakes

July 9th, 2012

Yesterday I was in a bit of a slump. This heatwave has really gotten to me, draining my energy and making me feel blah. Well, I’m blaming it on the heatwave anyway. As I was sitting on the couch, moping because I was hungry and feeling lame because I hadn’t make anything all weekend, I had a stroke of inspiration. There were peaches on the counter that were also not happy about the heat—in fact they were seriously going to melt if I didn’t use them up asap. A lightbulb appeared above my head and I had an idea—peach pancakes! All of a sudden I was excited—no more doom and gloom! The ideas were flowing—not only do I have peaches, but I have some ricotta in the fridge that will make these peach pancakes even better. Oooh—wait these deserve two ooohs—oooh were they good.

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blueberry + yogurt muffins

June 14th, 2012

Hello my friends and welcome to the Best Remedy! I’m so jazzed to finally be able to share this new, bigger and badder site with you. Every time I look at it, it makes me happy—I hope you feel the same. You’ll already find over 500 food and cocktail recipes originally shared on eat make read and I can’t wait to continue adding more recipes. Speaking of recipes, let’s talk about these blueberry muffins!

Last week I was traveling through the midwest (more on that later). When I got back I was thrilled to find out blueberries have arrived at the markets! I don’t know about you, but whenever I see new fruit arrive at the market—especially berries—I have a little dance party in my head (ok, an audible squeal might also be involved). In the midst of getting this site ready to launch and organizing all of my recipes, I realized I didn’t have a classic blueberry muffin recipe. Seriously?! That just seemed wrong, so in honor of blueberry season and the launch of this site, I present you with the quintessential muffin, blueberry muffins.

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rhubarb + ginger muffins

April 17th, 2012

Since making the decision to quit my job and make my side projects my paying projects, I’ve experienced a whirlwind of emotions. Some days I wake up and I’m so awesomely excited, I just can’t wait to do this; I feel so lucky! Other mornings I wake up an hour or more before my alarm, feeling anxious and thinking, did I really quit my job? How am I going to make this work? I suppose that’s life, but I’ve been trying to find ways to cope with the nerves.

Last weekend, after I once again woke up way too early (on a Saturday morning of all days), I decided it was time to mix things up. Instead of going to my local market, Aaron, Maude, and I took a longer walk to Brooklyn’s largest market at Grand Army Plaza. It exactly what I needed. I picked up some local grains from Cayuga, bought some beautiful tulips (I’d forgotten how much I love those flowers) and the most exciting find of the day was this rhubarb. I found rhubarb at the store earlier this year, but this was the first time that I spotted it at the market. What a sight for sore eyes! I bought a handful of stalks and started thinking about what to do with them as I made my way home. I decided on rhubarb and ginger muffins, which turned out to be the perfect way to enjoy the first stalks of season.

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