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my favorite pancakes

August 27th, 2014

Well hello there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? It’s hard to put into words why I haven’t been here. Part of me wants to say that it’s because life is so busy—and it is, as anyone with a toddler can tell you—or that I haven’t been cooking—but I have been, in fact more than I have in years—but for some reason, this space just seemed too far away, too much work when all I need is a little “me time”. To be honest, I’ve been trying to sort out what the heck I want to do with my “me time” along with the other 10 hours a week I’ve finally been able to set aside for my projects. Life has finally begun to feel normal again, like I can start to think about bigger picture things. After we got home from Claire’s hospital stay, my life revolved around her and the thought of cooking (and photographing and writing) was …

ginger + apple cider cocktail

November 1st, 2013

Hellloooo happy hour! Oh how I have missed you! This week has been such a lovely week—I happily sent off Issue 13 of Remedy Quarterly to editing (what a relief!), took Claire and Maude out for their first Halloween stroll, and made this delicious cocktail! It’s perfect for fall and easily made into a non-boozy cocktail, which, when I was pregnant, I swore to myself I would be more mindful of (there are not enough delicious, non-boozy concoctions out there! Or, at least people who know how to make them). Before I scoot away to get my day going, I wanted to say thank you. This year has taught me so much, I think the biggest lesson of all is to be thankful and mindful of small things. I’m so appreciative to have a place to share my ideas and people who actually look at them. You guys are the best! Cheers! To big and small accomplishments, delicious drinks, and the …

ginger mint limeade

August 22nd, 2013

One of the things that has dramatically changed since I became a mom is the lack of booze in my life. Not that I was drinking all the time before, but I certainly enjoyed a good drink after a long day. Or a lazy day. Ahh, one day, but for now I have to live without it because lack of sleep and general exhaustion has me loopy enough. But a girl needs a little excitement, so lately I’ve been treating myself to one of these lovely bevies at lunchtime. It’s just the right amount of zesty refreshment to perk up my afternoon. Plus, I have an hunch that a little bit of gin in this would make one heck of a summer cocktail. Cheers! To sunshine, summer, and a bit of pep! ginger mint limeade makes 1 drink juice of 1 lime, about 2 ounces 1 Tbsp fresh mint leaves (I just eyeball a hunk of mint) 1 Tbsp ginger …

rhubarb + blood orange spritzer

May 3rd, 2013

Oh, hello there! Ummmm, I have a daughter now! How crazy is that?! It’s been nearly a month since Claire Beatrice arrived and I still can’t believe that I’m a mom to this beautiful little lady. So much (babies change so fast!) and so little (ahem, housework, blog, any correspondence) has happened over the past month—I feel a little shy coming back. Chances are that’ll last about one post. This week we’ve been working on taking little adventures in and out of San Francisco, one of which landed me in a cute little grocery store that had ruby red stalks of rhubarb—my most favorite sign of spring. In years past I’ve eagerly stalked the farmers market waiting, waiting, waiting until finally it arrives; this year there was none of that (I suppose all the waiting was reserved for a little someone’s arrival) and simply a “woohoo!” yelped when I saw it amid the produce. I picked up a meager two …

happy hour: westward!

January 11th, 2013

Well hello again and happy belated 2013! This time of year I find myself feeling a little angry about the weather—it can be bitter cold here in NYC (although I haven’t had much to complain about this year). Luckily, my favorite winter fruit, blood oranges arrive at just the right time to bring a little sunshine into my life during these cold, gloomy months. This week I used my inaugural haul of blood oranges to make two versions (boozy and non-boozy) of a drink I’ve dubbed Westward! I created this little number not only because I love these juicy fellas but because I have big news to share. In less than two weeks, the Carámbula household is packing up and heading to sunny California—San Francisco  to be exact (so I’ll add foggy into the equation)— home of blood oranges!! It’s been a totally crazy (did I mention I’m almost 7 months pregnant) whirlwind decision, but I couldn’t be more jazzed about …

happy hour: the farmer’s daughter

December 7th, 2012

Hellooo, happy hour! Well, not for me, but this week needs a little celebration so I thought I’d share this tasty cocktail that we served at our launch party with you. While I didn’t drink it, enough people told me how delicious it was to make me jealous. Apple cider, lemon juice, cinnamon and SNAP liqueur—how could it not be tasty? Cheers! To the launch of Issue 11: Comfort, to my cheese prints being back in stock and of course, the weekend! The Farmer’s Daughter adapted from Art in the Age Spirits 2 ounces SNAP 3/4 oz lemon juice 3 ounces fresh apple cider to taste fresh apple slices cinnamon sticks 1. Combine all ingredients into a highball glass, stir, garnish with fresh apple slices and a cinnamon stick. Also makes a great punch! Float cinnamon sticks and apple wheels in the punch bowl for garnish.

Hello again: brown butter chocolate chip cookies

October 12th, 2012

You know how there are recipes that you go back to again and again? Sometimes you try another recipe thinking you’re ready for a change, but alas, the new recipe never quite lives up to that good old standby. Three years ago I created this recipe for brown butter chocolate chip cookies and seriously—I think they’re just the best chocolate chip cookies ever. I just whipped up a few batches to share with the folks over at Brooklyn Beta, along with a few other sweet treats, and it just reminded me how good these are. So while it’s not a “new” recipe, it’s a tried and true, gonna make you happy, repeat recipe. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

DIY cocktails

September 28th, 2012

This week’s happy hour is a little different than usual. I was recently asked by Etsy to create a few DIY cocktail ideas for their wedding blog. I shared recipes for two of my favorite fall cocktails, the maple concord (think concord grapes and gin) and spiced + spiked apple cider (think mulled cider and bourbon), both reconfigured to serve a crowd. Oh, and just because they’re for the wedding blog doesn’t mean they have to be served at a wedding, in fact I think they might be reason enough to throw a fall soire just for the hell of it. So head on over and get the recipes, along with a little tutorial of how I come up with new cocktails. Cheers! To a great weekend, fall weather, and changing colors.